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It's Nourishly's mission to nourish clients' skin using an integrative approach to esthetics. This is accomplished by including scientifically proven skincare and technology, creating a relaxing environment with added touches designed to reduce stress, and skin-benefitting nutritional information to help clients achieve glowing skin from the inside out. 


Kristyn Dunsworth is the owner and solo esthetician behind Nourishly Esthetics. Kristyn received her esthetics training and advanced certificates from The School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics in Denver, Co. Her education included holistic approaches to esthetics, eastern esthetics techniques, and modern medical aesthetics technology. She also received additional training in Oncology Esthetics through Oncology Spa Solutions to service clients receiving anti-cancer treatments.




PCA SKIN uses clinically backed research and science to develop safe and effective products that deliver healthy, beautiful skin. They also formulate with ingredients found naturally in the skin and body for maximum compatibility. PCA SKIN does not conduct animal testing in the development of its formulas.


Hale and Hush

We use Hale and Hush products for anyone with compromised skin. Hale and Hush is formulated specifically for the most sensitive skin and is safe for patients undergoing oncology treatments. Their products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, and fragrance-free, and do not perform animal testing. 



AnteAGE® pioneered the science of reactivating the skin's natural regenerative properties by utilizing Stem and Growth Factor Cytokines derived from human bone marrow.  It was originally developed to help heal diabetic wounds but with their research and clinical trials they were able to curate a bouquet of stem cell growth factors and cytokines that work together to communicate with dermal cells to rejuvenate skin. 



Also called Low-Level Light Therapy or Red Light Therapy, LED light therapy delivers light energy to humans similar to the way plants absorb photons of light produced by the sun. The LED device we use emits a unique combination of distinctly colored LED lights customized for either Anti-Aging or Acne. 



Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural ionic flow and  has been clinically shown to: stimulates the recovery of damaged tissue, re-educate the muscles, improve muscle tone and contour in the face/neck, enhance product penetration, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and firm and tighten skin



Ultrasonic waves are used to help deeply clean the skin, loosen dead skin cells,  as well as increase product penetration Ultrasonic waves can also promote cellular renewal, improve blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage. 


Red LED Facial Treatment
Microcurrent Facial Sculpting

High Frequency

High-frequency wands use small currents of targeted thermal energy to create ozone that oxygenates the skin and increases circulation. High frequency has also been shown to kill acne-causing bacteria. 


Microneedling Pen 

Microneedling uses a handheld device with small sterile needles to create microscopic injuries in the surface of the skin which stimulate the body's wound-healing response to stimulate new collagen and elastin. 



Is a resurfacing treatment that uses both mechanical and chemical exfoliation to cleans and exfoliate the skin. Hydrodermabrasion uses a handheld device that can be used with various tips to offer different levels of mechanical exfoliation as it simultaneously infuses different serums into the skin. 



Microdermabrasion is a dry resurfacing treatment that provides mechanical exfoliating with a diamond-tip hand-held device to buff away dead skin cells.


Skin-Supporting Nutritional Information


For a holistic approach, we offer information on how you can best support our external efforts to improve your skin from the inside out with nutrition. We are not dieticians but great care has been taken in preparing the information provided to you. Which was gathered from the latest research and published books on the topic and then reviewed by a nutrition professional with an MS in nutrition and human performance for accuracy. 


DISCLAIMER: All nutritional information presented is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional or medical expertise. Always seek medical advice for your specific circumstances as needed now or in the future from a medical professional or dietitian.

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